Time To Change Story Camp: How to support someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Having Borderline Personality Disorder is hard to live with especially as it causes problems in interpersonal relationships. With our emotional reactivity and fear of abandonment we can find it hard to navigate relationships with loved ones and if you are a loved one of someone with BPD it can be hard to understand what they’reContinue reading “Time To Change Story Camp: How to support someone with Borderline Personality Disorder”

Lockdown Life: The Want To Disappear

Trigger Warning: Dark thoughts, mentions of Trauma I was awake early this morning for no particular reason. My eyes were burning from exhaustion yet I couldn’t seem to get back to sleep. Instead my brain went into a deep spiral into the dark. It amazes me how I can be doing well one day thenContinue reading “Lockdown Life: The Want To Disappear”

Lockdown Life: Volunteering as a Telephone Befriender

When I lost my job because of COVID-19 I was heartbroken but wanted to find myself some sort of work so I could feel I was useful somehow. I’ve done voluntary work since 2016, I started out in retail then last year moved on to reception/office work so I could broaden my experience a bitContinue reading “Lockdown Life: Volunteering as a Telephone Befriender”

Lockdown Life: The impact on my family

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions suicidal ideation I have depression, anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder. My sister has severe autism. My mum has depression. We all live and are in lockdown together. There is no one I’d rather be on lockdown with as these two people I trust the most. My mother is very acceptingContinue reading “Lockdown Life: The impact on my family”

Coping With Christmas Using DBT Skills

Now don’t get me wrong I love Christmas; the music, the decorations, the feeling of the world being happier than usual but, as great as I think the holidays are, there are problems that many of us face during these times; especially those of us with mental illness, since problems everyone faces on the holidaysContinue reading “Coping With Christmas Using DBT Skills”

DepressionDiaries: Out Of Balance

Lately I’ve been experiencing only two moods manic af or too depressed to function. Today/yesterday I spent most of the day feeling awful especially when I had to go to the doctors for a referral to private therapy. I was so down and low on energy all I wanted to do was sleep and IContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Out Of Balance”

DepressionDiaries: Feeling the Pressure

Him: Hey you free to meet up I need someone to meet feeling lonely right now and just wondering upset atm Me: Where and when? Him: Today if possible please. Feel like crying 😢 Me: Okay well I’m already meeting up with a friend. Is it all right if he comes to? Him: No sorryContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Feeling the Pressure”

DepressionDiaries: Group Therapy Part 1 – Waves and Radical Acceptance

Today was my first session of group therapy. Now obviously I can’t say too much about what was said and done but I believe I can give an outline of the session and what I learned from it. I arrived late because I overslept (great start) but I hadn’t missed much. It was mainly anContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Group Therapy Part 1 – Waves and Radical Acceptance”

DepressionDiaries: Reckless Behaviour

  I’m conflicted about this; a part of myself is proud  for getting away with it another part is worried about what I’m becoming. I stole a pen from a shop, it was quite easy as someone had already done half the job for me (removing the pen from its packaging) which meant I couldContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Reckless Behaviour”

DepressionDiaries: Home Sickness

Home sickness… this has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. Specifically if I was separated from my mum; I remember sleeping over at my dad’s house when I was 10 years old because we were going to go to the hospital to meet my new baby half brother togetherContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Home Sickness”

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