Resistance To Change

I’ve been doing really well recently, I’ve got back into voluntary work, I start my first paid job next week! And I may be getting another if a friend of mine needs help in her shop over Christmas. What’s not going so well is the healthy habits I started practising. meditation, positive affirmations and readingContinue reading “Resistance To Change”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Need To Breathe

Surprise, I’m back… This is kind of awkward considering I haven’t used this site in so long. Honestly I don’t know why I stopped writing, my brain just seemed to not want to do it like I couldn’t put my thoughts to paper/screen. I’ve had a lot of problems for months now; drama with friends,Continue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Need To Breathe”

DepressionDiaries: Nowhere To Turn…

Voices  in my head, Insomnia even worse than usual, Low confidence and getting upset over the smallest of things. Feeling the need to cry everyday and tossing and turning at night. My depression is taking its toll on me again. I haven’t been around for ages because I didn’t really have anything to talk about,Continue reading “DepressionDiaries: Nowhere To Turn…”

DepressionDiaries: Group Therapy Part 3 Relaxation/Safe place visualisation

This week in group therapy we worked on something called safe place visualisation which is where you imagine a place in your mind that makes you feel calm and safe. We were told to close our eyes and imagine a beach but not just what it looks like but also how it sounds and smellsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Group Therapy Part 3 Relaxation/Safe place visualisation”

I Try My Hand At Being A BookTuber 

This video I didn’t feel like talking seriously and have got back into reading with a vengeance so thought I would make a video about the books I plan to read over the summer. Let me know if you want me to do a video review of these books 🙂 Thanks for reading/watching NI2M ❤

DepressionDiaries: On The Mend

As you can probably tell by my productivity with blogging this week, I’ve been doing better recently, I’ve managed to get out of the house to see a doctor, who gave me the all clear to take my brain meds. Since I’ve been back on my brain meds my moods are more manageable. My scarsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: On The Mend”

DepressionDiaries: Bibliomania

I’ve recently come across the term Bibliomania which is an obsession with collecting and even hoarding books. Although it is not recognised as a psychological disorder itself it is said to be a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For years I have bought and collected books but would only read a few of them usuallyContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Bibliomania”

DepressionDiaries: Christmas Job Disappointment

So a few weeks ago I applied for a job at my favourite bookshop out of town  but I haven’t heard back from them. Just like the bookshop job in another town I applied for in the job hunt begins.  This was only a part time temporary placement over the christmas holidays but I wantedContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Christmas Job Disappointment”

DepressionDiaries: Mentally ill because I am Insecure or Insecure because I am Mentally ill???

Today I was out with my mum, sister and my mum’s friend. I was supposed to be in work but I was way too tired after two nights of arriving home and falling asleep late. I kind of just wanted to stay at home all day but mum wouldn’t let me in case I tryContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Mentally ill because I am Insecure or Insecure because I am Mentally ill???”

DepressionDiaries: Out of it…

Today I have not been paying much attention to reality, in fact I wanted nothing to do with it. I was stuck in my fantasy world and I was happy there. On the odd occasion I would come back to reality but feel very uncomfortable and irritated so I would soon return to fantasy. AnContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Out of it…”

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