Time To Change Story Camp: How to support someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Having Borderline Personality Disorder is hard to live with especially as it causes problems in interpersonal relationships. With our emotional reactivity and fear of abandonment we can find it hard to navigate relationships with loved ones and if you are a loved one of someone with BPD it can be hard to understand what they’reContinue reading “Time To Change Story Camp: How to support someone with Borderline Personality Disorder”

Why We Need Self-Validation

Everyone needs validation to feel understood and accepted, as someone with BPD, I find that I may need/ seek it more than others. There is a theory that the disorder may be caused by an invalidating environment. This means that, those with BPD, may have grown up having their feelings and thoughts disregarded by familyContinue reading “Why We Need Self-Validation”

Mental health and Medication

There’s some debate across the mental health community whether or not we should take meds to treat our mental illness. I personally take (quite a lot) of medication. I must admit I myself had some reservations about taking medication to treat my issues, like what if I end up being on them all my life?Continue reading “Mental health and Medication”

Hope Of Recovery?

I’ve heard people refer to BPD as a “dead end diagnosis” that its not treatable or even a mental illness. I’ve also had people tell me that’s bullshit and recovery from BPD is possible. It’s hard to handle these conflicting POVs especially when they come from mental health professionals. BPD is a controversial topic inContinue reading “Hope Of Recovery?”


TW: The contents of this post may trigger so please read with care Last Friday I was in the hospital, dissociating badly, I was only partly aware of where I was and what was happening. I was very detached from reality and wrapped up in my thoughts of death and self harm. It had beenContinue reading “COPING IN A BPD CRISIS”


In DBT session 3, my therapist helped me look at emotions, the purpose of them and misconceptions I may have about them. The first thing we covered was identifying emotions as positive or negative for example ‘interest’ was positive, anger was negative but surprise could be either positive or negative depending on what the surpriseContinue reading “DBT DIARY: EMOTIONS AND THEIR MYTHS”

Self Pity or Compassion?

I did some research into what self pity is and, while it is generally seen as feeling sorry for one’s self and something that should not be done because it is “weak” or “pathetic”, it is actually something that many of us should practise in small doses. You see, if you are as empathetic asContinue reading “Self Pity or Compassion?”

Learning to accept myself

Growing up I never fit in at school or… Anywhere to be exact. I’ve spoken about this in previous posts but I’ve always been an outsider even with my group of friends. My views of the world differed from theirs and I was the weird kid that no one liked. I was always made toContinue reading “Learning to accept myself”

I have a spending problem

Since I left my first college I’ve had a lot of free time. Free time for going out, having fun… And spending impulsively. I had quite a lot of money inherited from one of my aunts and well it’s not a lot anymore. You see whenever I felt bad (which was most of the time)Continue reading “I have a spending problem”


TRIGGER WARNING: Self Harm These past few weeks have been tough, I talked about some of what happened in previous posts. Things have been triggering my BPD, intrusive thoughts and Post Traumatic Stress (not the disorder, I may talk about it in more detail one day but I don’t think I’m ready yet) Thing isContinue reading “Struggling”

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