Lockdown Life: Sleepy 😴

There’s not really much to say about today but I wanted to give an update in case any of you were worried about me considering in my last two posts I was very low. My period finally started yesterday, so that would explain why I was so low and nothing seemed to be able to get me out of it. Thing is when I’m experiencing depression as myself I usually have more control over it but when hormones come into the mix there’s not really a lot I can do but wait it out, which was difficult considering I was in such a rough state but I managed to get through it without hurting myself.

I’m still a bit emotional and rather anxious but definitely prefer this state over the way I was yesterday and the day before. My first few days of my period are usually heavy so I get absolutely exhausted and drained during this time, it’s more of a sleepy tired though which I like as its more… Comfortable than any other type of tired.

I was awake earlier than planned because of dreams about school but I stayed up as I had a zoom meeting with my support group later in the morning anyway. It was a good meeting, I was really tired during but after the meeting I felt a little more energised. I asked for a call with my support group leader so I could talk about my worries and how I’ve been, it was a really nice conversation and I felt better for it.

After that though it was about 2pm and I was still sleepy, I realised after everything over the past week or so and because of my period now I need/deserve a break so I just let myself go back to bed. I didn’t wake up until 7pm and since I woke up I’ve had dinner and added more pages to The Book Of Hope I mentioned yesterday. Here are the photos of them;

I have no plans to do anything over the weekend, no running, no studying, nothing but sleep for me as I am both physically and emotionally drained after the ups and downs of this past week. I may write some posts, I may not, we’ll see but I just wanted to let you know I’m okay and I’m doing better. Thank you all for supporting me through this time 💞

Take care and stay safe 🌈

Gabby ♥️

Published by normalistoomainstream

I'm currently writing a blog series called Depression Diaries which is my personal account of what it's like to live with depression. I've also been recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which I'm working on making sense of and dealing with it. I want to help people understand depression and BPD better and give comfort to those who can relate to my posts.

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