Lockdown Life: Nightmares I’ve Had

WARNING: This post contains graphic descriptions of violence and horror. DO NOT READ if you don’t wan’t to have nightmares like mine

When I was younger I was a complete scaredy cat, I couldn’t handle even a hint of something creepy happening without having my imagination run wild, making me want to run and hide. My dad once took me to the see the movie ‘Monster House’ but I remember the part where the door to the house creaks open and a solitary red balloon stands in the doorway, for some reason this part set off alarm bells in me and I got so scared my dad had to take me out of the cinema before the movie even got half way through.

Now as I’ve got older, I LOVE the paranormal and scary stories. I got interested in things like ghosts as a way to process my nan’s death and I often find comfort in the thought that, while the physical body may be gone, the spirit still lives on. Don’t get me wrong I still get scared when I watch videos from Hailey Reese and Loey Lane about curses, skinwalkers, possessions and hauntings but I’ve sort of grown to enjoy that feeling of terror, I suppose it sort of makes me forget about all my real life anxieties as I become so absorbed in the stories. I still hate jumpscares though and avoid things like five nights at Freddy’s as much as possible.

Anyway today I was binge watching Hailey Reese and Loey Lane videos and it got me thinking about nightmares I’ve had that would make good horror stories if I could write them. I did attempt to write one on wattpad but ended up not liking how I wrote it. The things I saw and the things that happened in these nightmares felt so chilling and almost real yet I couldn’t seem to quite translate how terrifying it was in words. I’m going to try and do so now but just simply explain what happened in each of them. So without further ado let’s have a lockdown spooky slumber party…

Nightmare 1

I started attending a university but ended up being haunted by this girl who was murdered there. I had to help her solve her own murder but ,towards the end, I actually became her and relived her death as she was pushed down the stairs of a library. The murder was solved as I saw her/my attacker, he was someone I knew from school who had a bit of a crush on me and would often try to get as close to me as he could in a rather creepy way.

Nightmare 2

I was driving home late at night when on the road I see this little girl. I help her by giving her a lift to her “home” however my dream self woke up that night to find the little girl strangling her/me but she wasn’t the sweet little girl I saw earlier. Her eyes were completely black, blood dripping from them and her smile pulled unnaturally wide.

Nightmare 3

I was in some kind of apocalypse and was holed up in a house with a bunch of strangers while whatever was after us traipsed around the house looking for a way in. Then I look down at my phone and see a photo of one of the strangers with their eyes crossed out, I look up at said stranger and say “I got a picture of you that means you’re going to die next”

Nightmare 4

I was ghost hunting in this house and everything was going well until we got to the attic and see gruesome bodies missing their limbs and those limbs strewn across the floor. It was like a cannibal’s butcher shop, it was horrifying.

Nightmare 5
I was in some kind of mansion or stately home with this rich family that I had never met before. Things were fine until “night” came then I felt this heavy presence and a sense of foreboding, I looked to the family and their perfect faces had twisted into demonic ones, then it was like the building had collapsed because I was suddenly blocked from the way out by rubble and wood. The presence was so heavy it was like a physical weight trying to pull me down and drag me back to the demonic family.

Nightmare 6

I was trapped in a video game and had to fight for my life against these horrifying monsters. When the game was finally over and I was back in the real world I went outside and saw my parents. As I got closer to them, their bodies morphed into those of the monsters from the video game. They said to me in a low, growling voice “you thought the game was over, but it’s just begun”

There are more but I don’t have as much detail on them as I do with the ones I mentioned. I hope you liked these little spooky tales. If any of them inspired you to write then please do make these into stories, like I said, I’ve tried myself but it didn’t work out. I suppose I need to start keeping some sort of dream journal as, since I started taking lamotrogine, I have not had a single night without weird vivid dreams or nightmares but to be fair I was fairly prone to them before I started taking the medication.

I remember a nightmare I had in highschool where I was lost in this house and went up to ask these two people for help only for them to grab me by my arms and drag me through the floor. There was also another where I was running away from this dark entity and came to a locked door. I, for some reason, had magic in this dream but I couldn’t use it/ it wasn’t working.

Anyway I better stop there, remembering all of this is probably going to give me more nightmares tonight, good luck to those of you who read all the way through, hope your subconcious doesn’t get any ideas lol if you have any creepy nightmares or stories to share please let me know! My email address is normalis2mainstream@outlook.com

Or you can tweet me @Addict2L or just leave a comment below ☺️

Thank you for reading

Stay Safe 🌈


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I'm currently writing a blog series called Depression Diaries which is my personal account of what it's like to live with depression. I've also been recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which I'm working on making sense of and dealing with it. I want to help people understand depression and BPD better and give comfort to those who can relate to my posts.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown Life: Nightmares I’ve Had

  1. Coincidentally, I had horrible nightmares last night, too. Most of mine were vivid recollections of mistakes I’ve made over the years, seemingly designed to reinforce my worst conceptions of own valuelessness. But one was like your samples above. In the dream, I was working for this rich eccentric who spent lots of time talking to dolls that he kept in foam-lined boxes. As the dream went on, I got more suspicious about these very lifelike dolls. Then I woke up, encased in foam, in total darkness.

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