The OLLIE Foundation

I’ve recently started a #charities of the month on twitter where every month I have a theme revolving around mental health and I find 3-4 charities to promote (for about a week each) based on that month’s theme, the theme for this month (April) is SUICIDE PREVENTION and I thought I would start with the charity that I’ve been working with and the one that  actually inspired me to start this campaign… The OLLIE foundation, so below I give a quick summary of what the charity is about and what it does and I leave links to it’s website and important pages, please do check them out and help in any way you can. Thank you ❤


OLLIE stands for One Life Lost Is Enough and it is a charity based in St Albans, England revolved around spreading awareness of suicide in young people. Founded by Stuart Falconer, Jane Johnstone and Chris Sibley, each of them a parent to suicide victims, they founded the charity to prevent other families suffering like theirs.The charity provides training on how to talk safely about suicide and how to handle a situation where they think someone may be suicidal. here are some of their training programmes;

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) this course trains people 16 or older in suicide prevention and first aid. A two day interactive course that teaches you how to help someone in immediate risk of suicide. Through this course you can become an ASIST trained caregiver.

Safe Talk  -a half-day course that teaches you how to spot the signs that someone is at risk of suicide and how to guide them to life saving intervention resources that they work with (e.g. ASIST trained care givers) through this course you can become a Safe talk trained helper.

For more information and to see their other courses please visit this page:

The Ollie website also provides information on suicide and how to support yourself or help a loved one cope with suicidal feelings, they are not a crisis service themselves but they provide links and connections to many crisis services such as Samaritans and childline.

Supporting You

Supporting Them

The Ollie Card

The Ollie card is basically a discount card that works with independent businesses. The card costs 20 pounds which goes towards the Ollie Foundation and the training it provides when you buy the card you can have access to discounts ranging from 10-25% off certain products with local independent businesses who have signed up to accepting the card and working with OLLIE.

I recently have actually helped out at one of their events and helped sell OLLIE cards. The charity is very personal to me as it’s local to me and I have attempted suicide in the past so believe that the skills these training courses can provide are invaluable.

for more detailed info about the charity, the card, and the training please check out their website linked below:


Hope you don’t mind this little promo but I’m helping out the charity whenever I can and really like it and think it does some good. It’s still quite a small charity as it was founded in 2016 but it’s growing fast. Thanks so much for reading!

Take care ❤

My photos from the event:









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