Working With My Inner Child

My childhood was not fun, my mental health issues started at 6 and forgot everything before that, my childhood involved a lot of trauma and I don’t remember who I was before that trauma but I remember who I became. I was very destructive in nature tearing down my own dad with harsh words, nearlyContinue reading “Working With My Inner Child”

Alone Vs Lonely

This is a continuation of Progression Vs Regression, I suggest you read that post before this one if you haven’t 🙂 but if you have lets continue where we left off. Also TRIGGER WARNING this post talks about self harm. The day after my therapy session I was in what my friend calls a post-counsellingContinue reading “Alone Vs Lonely”

Progression Vs Regression

It’s been a really hard week. Lets start from the beginning I started my first proper college day on Monday and… I left early because I couldn’t take it. I was having symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and could feel myself spiraling down, down, down into this whirlwind of fear, guilt and self hate, IContinue reading “Progression Vs Regression”

Learning to accept myself

Growing up I never fit in at school or… Anywhere to be exact. I’ve spoken about this in previous posts but I’ve always been an outsider even with my group of friends. My views of the world differed from theirs and I was the weird kid that no one liked. I was always made toContinue reading “Learning to accept myself”

I have a spending problem

Since I left my first college I’ve had a lot of free time. Free time for going out, having fun… And spending impulsively. I had quite a lot of money inherited from one of my aunts and well it’s not a lot anymore. You see whenever I felt bad (which was most of the time)Continue reading “I have a spending problem”

Learning to be vulnerable

I used to be a lot more open about my emotions; I could cry, laugh and yell when I needed to, admittedly the crying and yelling was in an unhealthy amount, In hindsight this was probably due to my BPD but my point is I didn’t have such a big guard up around me. YouContinue reading “Learning to be vulnerable”

Starting over is f*cking hard

I didn’t mention this before but I’ve started at another new college to study business ; I want to study it because it could open so many doors for me professionally and I do want to start my own business as well. What I don’t want is to be bullied or judged or gossiped about whichContinue reading “Starting over is f*cking hard”

I’m destroying her…

Recently I haven’t been able to get the help I need, The Mental Health Services have let me down yet again. So I took matters into my own hands and started making positive changes. I’ve been exploring my spirituality (crystals, card readings, law of attraction) and incorporating it into my everyday life which seems toContinue reading “I’m destroying her…”

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