MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Rewriting Myself With Neurofeedback

A couple of days ago I had my first Neurofeedback session to deal with my explosive anger,it was a strange experience. I had electrodes placed on my head, one behind my ear, one just above the ear and the third went on the back of my head. These electrodes would monitor my brain activity while I watched a video that would train the calming part of my brain to work better.

The video was of a butterfly going through various tunnels of bright colours and childish images (I honestly thought “this is what it must be like to take drugs” lol)  through quite a bit of it I was on edge and thinking way too much but at times I was able to relax and I gradually sunk into the sofa feeling more and more sleepy.

The therapist showed me my results and explained that she was examining which frequency in the music triggered the calming part to work properly. My frequency was 02.00 she told me that people with brain damage would need a higher frequency while people with OCD would require a lower frequency. In the proceeding sessions we’ll be training my brain to respond to lower frequencies so I can calm down easier.

I have noticed some difference after the session such as I was playing a game with some friends well one of them is very competitive and tends to get angry when losing, usually I would get mad right back at him and have to leave to stop a full on argument brewing, this time however I wasn’t responding with aggression and I was able to laugh and enjoy myself. I’ve been laughing quite a bit recently which is good because I don’t remember the last time I properly laughed before now.

Thank you for reading,

NI2M ❤


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