MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Paranoia, Here I Go Again…

When I’m really stressed out I can have episodes of paranoia lasting days, weeks or longer. I remember at school I was getting so stressed out from exams and bullying that I used to think people were talking about me ALL the time, I used to think I heard my name in someone’s conversation butContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Paranoia, Here I Go Again…”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Rewriting Myself With Neurofeedback

A couple of days ago I had my first Neurofeedback session to deal with my explosive anger,it was a strange experience. I had electrodes placed on my head, one behind my ear, one just above the ear and the third went on the back of my head. These electrodes would monitor my brain activity whileContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Rewriting Myself With Neurofeedback”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: What I know now

So, yesterday was my first EMDR session but first we spent most of the session talking in more detail about my history and how BPD affects me. My mum was there to fill in the gaps of my childhood I can’t remember. As you may remember I had quite a lot of anxiety about EMDRContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: What I know now”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Fear Of Healing

So I’ve started making steps to heal from BPD and depression. At first I was excited that I might finally have the help I need and will be able to get better but then late at night I started thinking… The therapies that have been suggested are physiological, they will affect my brain by playingContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Fear Of Healing”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: ROAD TO RECOVERY

Today I had my first meeting with the therapist my dad arranged for me to see. Since yesterday I’d been so worked up with anxiety about it that an hour before I had to see her I felt lightheaded and like I was about to throw up. Would I get along with her? Will sheContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: ROAD TO RECOVERY”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: What happened to me?

I was looking back at some of my old posts today to see if anythings changed since I started and well, it has. I used to be so nice, so caring, always putting other people before myself but now not so much. I can be so mean recently, not necessarily out loud but in myContinue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: What happened to me?”

MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Need To Breathe

Surprise, I’m back… This is kind of awkward considering I haven’t used this site in so long. Honestly I don’t know why I stopped writing, my brain just seemed to not want to do it like I couldn’t put my thoughts to paper/screen. I’ve had a lot of problems for months now; drama with friends,Continue reading “MeetMeOnTheBorderline: Need To Breathe”

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