DepressionDiaries: Guinness and Ghosts

I’m back from my weekend away. It was a tiring weekend emotionally. You may remember my paranormal experience in the tower of London, well, last weekend at Jamaica inn (one of the most haunted places in Cornwall) it happened again this time it was more intense.

Friday night into Saturday morning I went ghost hunting around the inn with professional investigators, sceptics, believers and people who seem sensitive to the paranormal like me. I won’t go into detail in case you want to go and experience the inn for yourself which I really recommend but I’ll tell you what happened to me just not who the ghosts are.

We started off the evening with a three course meal and had to sit with our designated groups as there were a lot of us so we got split into groups of three. As it was St Patrick’s day (also my 19th birthday) The inn had a special Guinness alcohol event going on, unfortunately we were only allowed one alcoholic beverage with our meal for the ghost hunt, I didn’t have anything to drink as I wanted to be as sharp minded as possible, my dad had a drink though.


Our first stop was the haunted rooms. The rooms were small so again we split off into smaller groups into each of the rooms. The first room my dad and I went into I instantly felt a change in the atmosphere, it was weird it was tranquil but also heavy at the same time. We called out the ghosts for a bit and nothing happened but then I sat on the window sill and suddenly I got static vision like a television screen but in my eyes. I then saw a white mist that looked like the side of a head and shoulder, I spoke to it and then reached out to touch it and got a tingling sensation in the hand I used to reach out. My dad thought I was mad but then I spoke to one of the investigators about it and she told me they call the static vision ‘Christmas lights’ and that it’s believed to be the first stage of a spirit manifestation.

In the second room I entered, I sat down on the bed and after a while I felt this pressure on my back like someone was leaning on me but there was no one on the bed with me at least not someone I could see. I did however feel a strong presence on that bed and soon my head got heavy and felt woozy, the investigator and my dad were asking me if I was okay but I didn’t respond because the pull of this presence was so strong and I didn’t want to lose my connection with it. Eventually I did separate from the entity and left the room because it was so intense.

In the ladies’ toilet we all stood in the dark calling out to the spirit who had been heard crying and would turn on taps. I had a bad feeling about being there like I felt sick and I told the investigator I felt queasy and she asked if I wanted to leave the room but, me being the dumbass that I am,  I said no and stayed. We were there for a while asking questions and for the ghost to do something for us and well we got what we came for as suddenly we heard one of the cubicle doors SLAM shut; both me and another girl were close to where the sound came from and we ran away so fast, I don’t think I ever ran so fast in my life!


We went to the area where the stables used to be, we performed a seance and tried to get the ghosts to move a table. For a long time nothing happened but then a lot of the group left to do something else including my dad but I decided to stay with three other girls and try the table again and OH MY DAYS we started asking questions and the table started moving in response! One of the girls was very sensitive to the spirit so much so that she started crying like she could feel the ghost’s pain. I could feel a bit of the spirit’s sadness but I was trying to block off a connection as I was so tired and what I’d already been experiencing was intense enough.

Things started to quieten down because some people were heading off to bed, my dad joining them. I however, didn’t want the hunt to end so I went with one of the investigators to the gift shop and sat down near the books as the spirit there liked to throw the books off the shelves. Now that didn’t happen and actually this experience was a lot calmer than the others. We spoke to the spirit and asked him/her to move something or play with the dream-catchers for us. Soon that’s what happened, two of the dream-catchers hanging from the ceiling started doing 180 degree turns where as the others were barely moving. I bought myself one of the moving dream-catchers on my last day.

Last thing is we went to the bar and the investigators placed MF detectors (I think that’s what they’re called) in front of the fireplace and asked the ghost who had been throwing glasses to make him/herself known. In response to us, the MF detector went mental, even the investigators were confused as they didn’t think it was supposed to make the sound that it did, they didn’t think it was possible for it to bleep so fast and at such a high frequency and when the spirit was asked to step away from the tech the sound stopped…


There were other things such as the Ouija board but I really don’t trust those and didn’t use it so I don’t know if the glass was really moving by itself, I did feel something though but I’m not sure. There was also fireplace equipment swaying slightly and I don’t think it was the breeze as those things were heavy still not sure though. Also half way through a film about the inn my dad and I were watching the lights cut out and only the projector was working, again not saying its paranormal because there could have been a switch outside the room controlled by staff or the lights could have been on a timer.

It was a really good weekend and I feel honoured to have experienced what I did during the ghost hunt. I plan on going back there sometime as I absolutely loved it. I felt more interested in reality and like I belonged there and was doing something that I was meant to be doing and enjoyed. Now however its back to the dullness of my everyday life 😦

NI2M ❤










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