DepressionDiaries: Triggers, So Many Triggers

You could consider this post a continuation to yesterday’s one “intrusive thoughts

Today I went to see the doctor to talk about my anxiety. I figured out that must be the problem and what’s causing my intrusive thoughts because I remember the symptoms I experience with severe anxiety and intrusive thoughts are one of them.

While I was talking I managed to identify the things that might have set off my anxiety.

  1. For at least a month I was housebound because of my appendicitis so going out may have caused me anxiety considering I got comfortable at home.
  2. It’s March, a bad month for me ( I suggest you read The Curse Of March to get a better understanding of why this is such a difficult month for me) I think the fact that march was coming up got pushed to the back of my mind but sub- consciously the dread built up leading to my anxiety.
  3. About a week ago I had a rather deep conversation which re-surfaced some bad memories. Which could have set off the anxiety inducing intrusive thoughts.
  4. A close family friend has received some bad news and I’m worried about the effect it will have on her family and mine.
  5. The health of my Nan. She’s been very ill lately and the doctors are trying to prolong and maintain quality of life for her but she doesn’t think she’ll live to see my female cousin’s wedding later this year.


So fair to say, thinking about it, I have every reason to feel so anxious and usually either my depression or my anxiety is dominant. Lately my depression has been ruling so my anxiety and intrusive thoughts weren’t such a big problem because I had too little energy to worry or care. Not saying my depression has gone but has been pushed aside by my anxiety. It will probably arise again when my anxiety has settled.

Anyway, for now my fluoxetine dose has been increased to 40mg to help manage my intense anxiety in this difficult period of time and my doctor is going to arrange for me to see a psychiatrist again. I’m still going to speak with my mentor tomorrow, hopefully she will be able to give me some support over the next few weeks.



NI2M ❤


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