DepressionDiaries: Blood, Tears and Surgery

This past week has been a nightmare for me. Monday I went into hospital where I had to have many injections and tests the only good thing was the morphine, that was some good stuff, oh and an awesome friend coming to visit me.

Tuesday I had surgery. The doctors didn’t know what to expect but found a really nasty case of appendicitis according to their reports. I woke up from the anaesthesia after three hours absolutely terrified, I was in recovery ward with no one that I knew with nothing but a hospital town and blankets on. I was on that ward for roughly 6 hours until they finally got me a room. My parents and friends were waiting for me and had been for a few hours themselves.

Wednesday I was still in hospital being pumped with medication and barely eating or moving and yet that night I threw up…lovely.

Thursday was better I managed to have some lunch and move about a bit so I was sent home that night. I’m back home now still in a bad way but better than I was in the hospital. I hate hospitals, I cried an awful lot while I was in there not just from pain but fear as well.

I look and feel an absolute mess right now and I hate to look at my stomach because of the scars there. I can’t mix my brain with my pain meds so my emotional and mental state is all over the place.I hope this is all over soon because damn it I want to eat mcdonald’s without fearing it will just come back up.

NI2M 😷


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