DepressionDiaries: Intrusive Thoughts

Oh boy, How do I talk about this… For years my brain has tormented me with inappropriate and harmful thoughts and it would lead to the point that I would hurt myself to stop them because of the intense anxiety and frustration I would experience. I won’t go into detail about the kind of thoughtsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Intrusive Thoughts”

DepressionDiaries: On The Mend

As you can probably tell by my productivity with blogging this week, I’ve been doing better recently, I’ve managed to get out of the house to see a doctor, who gave me the all clear to take my brain meds. Since I’ve been back on my brain meds my moods are more manageable. My scarsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: On The Mend”

DepressionDiaries: The Box

I’ve been looking back on my life recently (I know, bad thing to do) and I’ve come to realise… I’ve spent my life living in a box. Not an actual box obviously but a metaphorical one. For years I thought I would grow up to be an actress but then something changed, my heart wasn’tContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: The Box”

DepressionDiaries: My Sexuality 

I didn’t realise I was attracted to girls until I started going to college. I was extremely reluctant to admit to myself that I may not be straight. I had a close bond with a girl in high school so close that there was a rumour that she and I were lesbians. Not true becauseContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: My Sexuality “

DepressionDiaries: Media and Mental illness

We’ve come a long way in our knowledge and treatment of mental illness but there are still setbacks. Stigma that hasn’t been challenged and is in fact encouraged by the media. Have you heard of the movie Split? I haven’t seen it but the trailer was enough to agitate me. It’s basically about a groupContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Media and Mental illness”

DepressionDiaries: I WANT TO DO SOMETHING!

I’m so bored. I’ve been resting most of this week and I’m tired of it. I want to go out, I want to dance and sing, I want to write fanfiction but my brain has gone to mush, my body is healing nicely but I can’t risk doing too much in case of pain orContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: I WANT TO DO SOMETHING!”

DepressionDiaries: Post Surgery Depression and Withdrawal 

I haven’t been able to take my mood stabilizers for over a week now because of my surgery and God I need them. Sometimes I would wonder what the point of taking brain meds was but now I remember why. I am seriously unstable when it comes to moods right now. My thoughts and feelingsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Post Surgery Depression and Withdrawal “

DepressionDiaries: Blood, Tears and Surgery

This past week has been a nightmare for me. Monday I went into hospital where I had to have many injections and tests the only good thing was the morphine, that was some good stuff, oh and an awesome friend coming to visit me. Tuesday I had surgery. The doctors didn’t know what to expectContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Blood, Tears and Surgery”

DepressionDiaries: Heading to the hospital… again

I’m in the car on my way to A&E not because of depression or BPD this time. The really bad stomach pains I had a few weeks back have returned along with throwing up every drink or food I try to consume. My doctor suspects dehydration but she sent me to the hospital for testsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Heading to the hospital… again”

DepressionDiaries: MIND Matters

I was with this service called ACE for a while, they basically arrange activities for you to do during your spare time if you have a mental health problem with no work. A lot of their activities I’m doing are with MIND, a charity organisation that work with mentally ill people, I did a fundraiserContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: MIND Matters”

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