DepressionDiaries: My 2016 (Found It XD)

Fair to say this year has been tough I dare say even tougher than the years of high school where I was bullied.

This year I’ve had to overcome failure and a lot of disappointment. Come to terms with taking medication and get to grips with a new diagnosis. I’ve lost friends and lost my damn mind!

Honestly I’m surprised I’m still here after the amount of suicidal episodes I’ve had this year I think it was an episode every month, fun times (!)

Key Events of this year are;

  • Coming out as bisexual
  • Spending a week on a psychiatric ward
  • Learning my nan has terminal cancer
  • Starting this blog
  • Leaving college… Twice

I don’t think I’ve spoken about my sexuality on here before but there you go. I came out on New year’s day last year and was lucky to have the support that I had. I may talk about it in more detail another time but now I’m getting ready to welcome the new year and hope that it will be better than the last.

I’ve decided to avoid making new years resolutions because if I don’t meet the goals I set myself I’ll get really frustrated and cause all sorts of problems for myself.

I’ve got plenty of things to look forward to in 2017 though. For my birthday my dad is taking me ghost hunting! May not be an ideal present for most people but for me it’s awesome.

I might even be going to Paris and Disneyland with him, granted his girlfriend and My half brorher would be joining us, but I won’t let them ruin Disneyland for me.

My female cousin is getting married in August and I get to be a bridesmaid!!!

But also I have a feeling my nan will leave us in 2017 so I’m bracing myself for that…

Anyway Happy New Year, folks. Let’s hope it’s better than the last!




NI2M ❀

By the way, This post went missing because I accidently scheduled it to be published on January 1st 2016 instead of 17 XD


4 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: My 2016 (Found It XD)

  1. Blooming Lily says:

    I’ve struggled with my sexuality too and also came out as bisexual (to a limited number of people but at least it’s a start). Goals for this year are to come out to more people when I feel ready. I hope you realize what a strong year you have had, even though it was difficult you came out on top so good for you! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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