DepressionDiaries: Doing Better

It’s been a long while since I last updated and thought I better write something as my last post was rather bleak. I’ve been doing better recently. The anti biotics worked so I’m not in so much pain anymore. I’ve been working on writing projects (mainly fanfiction)  it’s pretty fun, stops me from having depressiveContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Doing Better”

DepressionDiaries: I Want To Die

Warning: This post goes into detail about suicidal ideation. And contains strong language. The thoughts started a few days ago. The pain started yesterday. I’m doubled over in pain as I walk. The doctors said it could be appendicitis as if my life couldn’t get anymore shit.  They’re not certain though and I’ve been givenContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: I Want To Die”

DepressionDiaries: Life After Death?

When I’m alone and the world around me is quiet I ponder my existence, question this thing we call reality and wonder what happens when we die. Deep stuff, right? For my future novel which I may or may not actually write, I’ve been researching werewolves, vampires, ghosts, myths and legends. I was especially drawnContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Life After Death?”

DepressionDiaries: My 2016 (Found It XD)

Fair to say this year has been tough I dare say even tougher than the years of high school where I was bullied. This year I’ve had to overcome failure and a lot of disappointment. Come to terms with taking medication and get to grips with a new diagnosis. I’ve lost friends and lost myContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: My 2016 (Found It XD)”

DepressionDiaries: “Happy” New Year

I did have a full post written for this but clearly my desktop is against me for some reason as its just… disappeared and I’m not sure why. Good way to start the new year (!) haha. Anyway this will have to do as a last minute change of plan. Happy New Year, folks, let’sContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: “Happy” New Year”

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