DepressionDiaries: What I Want For Christmas That Money Can’t Buy

I think the most common thing people would say is Happiness but for me I think that expecting to be happy with my life is a bit far fetched. I remember reading an interview a magazine had with Demi Lovato who has Bipolar Disorder and what stuck with me about that interview is Demi’s view on happiness.

everybody-s-fool-evanescence-20844666-500-375We have this ideal that is used in adverts that we could be happy and smiling all the time so people will buy what they’re selling, the people in the commercial make us envious and wish we could be as happy as them  but its all fake, lies, fantasy and trying to live up to that ideal of a perfect happy life makes us depressed when things aren’t like the idea of happiness we have.

However  being Content is much more reasonable; your life may not be perfect it may have flaws and struggles but you can accept that and be content with what it is instead of wishing for anything more or wasting time trying to make everything perfect thinking it will bring you happiness. So that’s what I want, to be content with my life, not necessarily happy but content.

Content = A state of satisfaction. Contented, Satisfied, Tranquil, gratified, comfortable.

demi-lovato-imperfections-make-you-beautiful  7da92e4b93cc8dfa3c1d192ec5940de2

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4 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: What I Want For Christmas That Money Can’t Buy

  1. The Enchanted Outlook says:

    I think contentment is a great goal. There is this concept that our brains eventually adapt to new situations anyway, so even if we win the lottery, the thrill from that will not last forever. Lately I have been trying to focus instead on enjoying the little everyday things.

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