DepressionDiaries: We Become What We Behold

So I watched Markiplier play this game called we become what we behold. it’s a short but effective game that leaves you thinking.

You seem to play as a photojournalist taking pictures of square and circle people on the street. If you take photos of people getting along it gets no interest but if you get shots of conflict and violence it gains more attention meaning more profit.

It has an inception sort of layout and the more violence you get shots of the more angry and violent the people get. An accurate representation of the media and us; we are drawn to negativity, it captivates our interest and the media feeds off that highlighting the bad happenings in the world and ignoring the good which makes us believe that the world is mainly full of anger and hate causing us to fill up with anger and hate. 

I hope that makes sense,we’re basically in a vicous cycle of negativity and people wonder why there are so many of us that are mentally ill with depression or anxiety disorder. Anyway I love conceptual and clever things like this so I just thought I would share it with you.

NI2M ❤


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