DepressionDiaries: I’m Back!

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? I sure as hell missed you. Its been a rough week even though it was supposed to be a holiday and it was difficult not blogging for such a long time. 

A lot has happened during my holiday. We did a LOT of walking but we also went go Karting which was a lot of fun.

However there was a lot of tension between my half brother and myself. He had said some things that hit a nerve with me.

He brought up the fact that my sister is “disabled” he clearly only came across the term recently as he made a big deal out of it. It annoyed me because I’m used to my sister the way she is and I hate it when people say she is “disabled” I totally disagree with that term she has special needs yes but disabled? No she is my sister and I like to leave it at that.

He also relished in the fact that his mum was on holiday with us and mine wasn’t and kept going on about having two sets of grandparents while I only have one because my mum’s parents died before I was born.

We also started fighting over dad as whenever I got to sit next to him or have a hug from him my brother would always interrupt. 

I once said to him “you live with him, you get to see him more than I do” to which he said “yeah that makes him my daddy not yours because he doesn’t live with you” that hurt, that cut deep into my BPD scars renewing my childhood bitterness “I was here first, fight me” I said as the angry 6 year old me.

So yeah this holiday would have been more enjoyable if my brother and his mother weren’t around but that’s my family situation, not a lot I can do about it.

I have started a few posts during the week that need some tweaking before I publish them so you’ll getting more posts from me later today.

Thanks for reading,

NI2M ❤


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