DepressionDiaries: Week 4 at my new college

This week has been rather boring. We’ve spent our lessons working on our projects which was frustrating considering I could have just done it at home instead of having to get up at 7am to get to college by 9am.

I was also getting worked up about the project as, well you know me, I find it hard to relax if I have to meet a deadline that’s due in not much time. 

When I finally handed in the work today I was super happy and relieved to have it done and out the way so I can now relax for a couple of days before we get our new assignment next week.

I’ve noticed some tension between some of the students in our class everyone sort of sorted themselves into friendship groups apart from me and one other girl who seem to be mixing with everybody. I think that’s good though, theres more drama of you pick sides so it’s best to remain unbiased towards people.

This picture above is just a joke by the way; I don’t hate anyone in my class, maybe mildly dislike but not hate…



2 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: Week 4 at my new college

  1. Geeky Tomato says:

    Hey. You know what, about the people thing I kinda feel the same too here at uni. When the entire group is together all 100+ of us, I have one friend. In lectures I have one friend, but in tutorials and labs, everyone has their friends and i have no one.
    Also the work situation, I kinda get it too. Atm were covering stuff I’ve been doing for the last two years or if I have never studied it (biology) I have no motivation and they talk extremely fast and it’s all another language to me. It’s stressing me out occasionally bc I can’t follow the lecture.
    Hope you are doing well and please keep in touch 💜
    – GeekyTomato 🍅


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