DepressionDiaries: Deadline Day…

So deadline day looms over my head. It is tomorrow. I’ve nearly finished my coursework  but I’m not sure I’ve done it to a good enough standard yet I can’t be bothered to edit or re-do anything.

I’m fed up with the project, I’ve been working on it for the past 3 weeks and it’s gotten to the point that I just want to hand it in and be done with it.

I still have to write about the pictures I took that didn’t make the final cut, I have to do my bibliography, add more pictures from professionals and write up my evaluation.

My teacher is going to give us time to work on our projects tomorrow so I’ll probably do all of the above then otherwise I’ll be sitting bored for three hours while everyone else finishes their projects.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I plan to reward myself for working so hard with a movie marathon of Harry Potter, The Hobbit and maybe some Doctor Who episodes as well 😀

Or, in my case, tomorrow…

NI2M ❤


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