DepressionDiaries: Something Is Different…

Warning: This post has been written while I was in a caffeine induced high and bored out of my mind. Be prepared for more weirdness than usual

You ever get that feeling that something has changed but you’re not quite sure what it is? 
I have that feeling. Since I returned to college this week I feel as though things are different somehow.

It might be the fact that I took a day off last week messing with my usual routine.

It could be the dynamics of my classmates have changed or that we are doing things differently than we were the previous weeks.

 I feel different, more comfortable, maybe I’ve settled in? Or am I just so tired that nothing has changed but my perspective?

That’s a thing as well, tiredness  I have to be up early for college almost everyday and I am not a morning person even without the depression.

I have been so tired today that I’ve walked into a door, dropped my money and tripped over I don’t even know what. Its been a while since I’ve been so clumsy. I used to walk into and trip over things all the time in high school.

Oops just got caught staring into space. They thought I was staring at them they didn’t give me a how dare you gaze upon my facial features, peasant look like the girls at high school did (I used to daydream a lot) she just looked so sad and self concious I feel so bad but find the awkwardness funny at the same time. Gosh I think the tiredness mixed with coffee is making me delirious. 

I think I better leave it there for now.

NI2M ❤


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