DepressionDiaries: What I like about my new college

I wrote this while I was in college, feeling rather bad about it and life in general. I read a fellow blogger’s  (Lucia reaches for freedom/Em) gratitude list which inspired me to write my own about college it really helped improve my emotional state. So here it goes;
1.My class is small. There are roughly 16 of us in total and compared to 30 in my last college and high school it’s much better as it means less anxiety and more one to one help from my tutors.

2. They take mental health problems seriously and do their best to help. I have a learning mentor who I see once a week and a teacher who has experience with BPD.

3. The decor is mainly purple. My favourite colour is purple and it’s seems to be my college’s as well.

4. There are some really nice students here. Not just the people in my class but others I pass in corridors who have manners and are good for friendly conversation.

5. A more relaxed atmosphere. Compared to sixth form this place is a lot calmer. You get treated less like children and more like adults probably because there are some adult learners here.

6. There is a restaurant, radio station, theatre and park really close by. I love eating out, going to the theatre, taking pictures in the park and I find it so cool that the radio station I listen to has a studio so close to my college! (I’ve even seen them working)

NI2M ❤


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