DepressionDiaries: Like A Family

Since things have gone down hill with a lot of my friendships I needed a day like today. I was attending a friend’s birthday meal and we both happen to have a few mutual friends I knew from primary school, I was introduced to this friend (we’ll call him Rick) by these primary school friends (let’s call them Ashley, Kieron and Carter)

I hadn’t seen the three for 5 years because I had to move to a different high school. I never thought I would see them again but at my old college we were reunited, I couldn’t believe it was them, they had grown so much!

Since our reunion we have been meeting up as often as possible and today was our most recent meet up. It was such a good time we had, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time.

We also got into a bit of a deep conversation about our lives. It was sad but it made me realise how close we actually are.

The way we trust,protect and care about eachother. I’d sort of isolated myself because of all the shit that has been happening recently. So I sort of took our friendship for granted but today one of us said and we all agreed “we’re like a family”

I don’t have friends but I have a family and that’s good enough for me.

NI2M ā¤


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