DepressionDiaries: Week 2 At My New College

I had a lot of anxiety going on this week which caused me stomach problems and some difficulties breathing and sleeping. I would often have to take deep breaths and recite my times tables to calm myself down.

I also hallucinated a couple of times this week. While working in class I heard a voice that sounded very close behind me.

 I can’t remember what it said but I turned round and everyone was talking to eachother, no where near me, no one behind me.

Today I was talking to someone in the library and at a glance I  thought there was someone behind me wanting to get passed. 

Again I turned round but there was no one there. Creepy… my stress levels must have been through the roof to hallucinate like that.
It wasn’t all bad though, we had to hand in our homework at the start of the week and today our teacher gave us feedback on it. 

He’s very pleased with my writing and said that if I keep it to the same standard I would do really well so that boosted my confidence a bit but as ever the voice of doom in me is telling me that now I’m under pressure to be good because of my teacher’s expectations.

 I just cannot win with my brain can I?

NI2M ❤


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