DepressionDiaries: Coping Tools

We all sometimes need something to get us through the day and while in a psychiatric ward I observed the other patients and noticed that most of them had something that they  were drawn to and would often refer to in the ward for comfort or a sense of normality.
Not just cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or self harm, all of which are very difficult to use on the ward due to many restrictions.

I met a girl who would often have her head in a book during her spare time.

A woman who had a love of make up and used it to pamper other patients by doing their nails.

Others were music. Food. Sport. Lotions & perfumes.

For me it was cuddly toys and blankets. I’d collected about 6 animal soft toys from the hospital shop during my week on the psychiatric ward. 

For the first few days I was there I kept a blanket wrapped round my shoulders. I guess it was for comfort and a little security considering it was the most daunting experience of my life so far.

Even now I am out of the ward and have been for weeks. I still use these comfort things. I keep a small teddy in my college bag at all times so I would have a companion while I’m there.

Others may find it strange but it helps me have the courage to get out of the house and do things so I don’t really care.

NI2M ❤


4 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: Coping Tools

  1. Rayne says:

    I understand the need for comfort objects. I told my therapist about mine long ago, and told her it’s embarrassing at my age, and she said that there’s nothing wrong with it. That it’s good to have something that soothes me. So there you go. You’re normal. 😉

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    • normalistoomainstream says:

      Thanks Rayne. I haven’t actually spoken to a professional about it yet because well my sister always carries toys with her for comfort as she has autism unfortunately I witnessed her get bullied for it so it was kind of scary to have a you with me in case I got made fun of but as the youngest in the ward everyone was older and really nice to me about it even asking me the names of my toys and saying how cute that are. It made me realise that those who make fun of others are just immature and need to be educated (one of the reasons I blog) thanks for your comment ❤ xx

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