DepressionDiaries: Learning Support

Today I had my first Learning support session. Where I got to meet my Learning mentor, let’s call her Kara.

We spent the hour long session we had filling out information about myself. Past grades, why I need extra help, a little bit of my history.

I filled her in on the most important bits. Such as medication, spending a week in a psychiatric ward and how my mental health issues affect me and my work.

My depression can cause me to lose interest and motivation. My anxiety can cause me to panic and lose concentration frequently. My BPD can cause sudden changes in mood and difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

Some new things came up as well. Such as that I am a perfectionist (especially when it comes to photography) that sometimes makes group work difficult as I can get frustrated with people if I don’t like how they’ve done something.

I also took a test to see what my Learning styles are. I am a musical/auditory and a thinker/intrapersonal learner which doesn’t surprise me as I’m very good at learning song lyrics fast and like to spend a lot of time alone;especially when working.

I will be seeing Kara once a week to check my progress and work on things I need help with to develop and do well at college. I actually think this learning support will be very useful to me 🙂

NI2M ❤


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