DepressionDiaries: My First Week At My New College

So today is Friday and the end to my first week at my new college. Honestly I’m not sure what to think. I often just want to go home when it’s a full day and spend ages lying in bed before actually getting up for it in the morning. I like my teacher and I like my classmates. They know about my depression because the usual question ” what do you blog about?” came up when I mentioned it. They seem to be picking up on signs that my mood has lowered and check up on me which is very nice of them.

Speaking of my mood. It has been all over the place this week. Anxiety, Frustration, happiness, apathy. Laughing, crying and a chronic sense of self doubt.

My interest in photography and becoming a professional is fighting with my depression. Several times I have thought about going home early or not going into college at all but something does keep pushing me on. When I think there is no point in doing my work I somehow find myself doing it; even if it’s just looking through notes or taking a quick shot on my phone or camera.

So I’m going to end this post by summing up my week in three words:

Hectic, exciting and tiring…

The Photos in this blog post are a couple that I took. My glasses, my boot on the staircase. Not my best work but some good ideas that I might use in my assignment 🙂

NI2M ❤


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