DepressionDiaries: Friendship Break Up

We all know that friendships don’t last. They often fizzle out over time or get ripped apart.I used to have so many people I considered friends in my first college but since I left we don’t speak. I mainly talk to friends I knew in primary school and high school. Which is odd considering they say school friends don’t stick around after graduating.

Perhaps it’s because the school years were the worst years of my life. There I was at my most unstable but my friends accepted that and we managed to make it work. Although we don’t talk everyday we still maintain healthy relationships.

But college, that’s a different story. There I had started concealing my mood, pretending to be the happy bubbly girl that everyone loves because that’s what I thought I should do but when shit hit the fan and my depression started taking over. People couldn’t understand or handle it. Leading to the collapse of all the friendships I had there… 

A couple I managed to keep for a while but they’re lack of understanding or consideration frustrated me to the point that I cut them off. Now another friendship has begun dwindling away.

Our conversations are no longer the same. My feelings for them are no longer the same, I don’t hate them but we’re definetly not close anymore and while it does hurt to lose yet another friend it is probably for the best that we go our separate ways for a while.

It will be difficult without them especially as I’m starting a new college but hopefully I can make some new friends.

NI2M ❤


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