DepressionDiaries: I’m an Official Student :)

Today I enrolled at my new college. I arrived a little early so it was nice and quiet and I could be seen to quickly.

I first had to get my GCSE and A Level results photocopied for my student file. I then went to see my tutor to go through my results and receive my timetable. I’ll be in college Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday every week; starting next Monday.

Afterwards I filled out a form for student benefits; help with travel cost and things like that. Lastly I had to have my photo taken for my ID card. 

Now that I’ve received my timetable and my ID card I am an official student at my new college.

While waiting inbetween these stages of enrolment I spoke to a couple of people doing the same course as me (photography)

 I needn’t have worried so much about today because I got along pretty well with the people I met. Can’t wait until next Monday 🙂


Song of the day: Aint It Fun by Paramore


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