DepressionDiaries: MIND Fundraiser

Today has been the day my local church held a Table Top Sale. I booked a Table and decided to donate any money I got from selling my stuff on the stall to MIND as the charity helped both me and my mum when I was first diagnosed with BPD and admitted to a psychiatric ward so I thought I would give something back.

    This is a picture of the stall (the friend who was helping me run it had made the cakes) We managed to sell quite a few things and also received donations which got our fundraiser to a grand total of £77.94 which was better than I had expected and it was lovely to see young children so happy with their new toys.

    Doing the Table Top Sale was a great idea not only because it helped raise money for charity but also because it got me involved in the community and spreading awareness about mental health.

    My friend and I loved the experience so much that we’ve decided to do it again for another charity. Anything that didn’t sell today is going to be used in our next fundraiser 🙂 

    For more information about MIND check out my Useful Resources page and click on the link provided.

    Thanks for reading,

    NI2M ❤

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