DepressionDiaries: That Hurts… That Really Hurts

So, yesterday as you may remember, I had an incident erupt with my mum and her friend. It resulted in me crying myself to sleep and it was the result of a misunderstanding. I explained to my mum that I did not understand the situation and I felt like I was being targeted.

My mum’s friend came back today, I was willing to put yesterday behind us and I apologised for my behaviour yesterday but then mum mentioned something that she thought I knew about, she said that yesterday while I was downstairs with them her and her friend had been throwing looks at each other over my head.

My imagination has gone wild, why would they do that? was I doing something wrong? do they not like me?

It’s the kind of behaviour I would expect from bitchy high school girls not from my mum and it hurts, it hurts so much to think that I can’t trust my mum to be honest with me and not do things like that.

I’m now in my room, I refuse to go back downstairs in case of a repeat of yesterday. It’s not even my mum’s friend that’s bothering me anymore, I understand she’s not been very well lately which may be why she’s been a bit cranky but my mum. I am very hurt by my mum and her bitching about me. How can I trust her now? when at every opportunity she decides to go against me with her friend.

It sucks, mum has been the only person I could go to and my best friend now I feel like that’s been broken and I have no one to turn to. I am alone. I am so lonely.



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