DepressionDiaries: Leave Me Alone…

It’s annoying when someone has upset you and you just want to be away from them for a while to calm down but they won’t leave you alone.

My mum and her friend have been really getting on my nerves today. Talking about me as if I’m not in the same room as them. Mum’s friend bitching to my mum about me about how I “don’t give a shit about what my mum is telling me” well, A i am very easily distracted because of my DEPRESSION and B I wasn’t sure if mum was talking to me or her friend, I’m never sure because they talk about me when I’m around anyway.

It’s not even her place to say shit about me, we’re not even related! If this friend didn’t help my mum so much I would tell her to GTFO for being so disrespectful to me but like I said she makes mum happy and helps her out so I just kept my mouth shut and went up to my room. 

But then they start calling me for stuff when I don’t want to be around them right now because I am so frustrated. They just wouldn’t let me be. In the end I ended up yelling from the top of my lungs “PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” 

Mum’s really mad at me but she knows I don’t get upset without a reason and she says “oh, you’re upsetting my friend” I really wanted to shout WELL SHE UPSET ME FIRST!  But I didn’t so now i seem like the bad guy. Somehow in these situations I always end up in the wrong even when I’m right. Ugh I’m so sick of everything right now.

I feel so lonely, misunderstood and bad about myself. I am aware that I could have dealt with the situation better but my moods can be so intense that logic can’t get a look in. It’s frustrating, my emotions and my brain are frustrating.



2 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: Leave Me Alone…

  1. blackgirldown says:

    I know that feeling and I like my alone time all the time, some just don’t understand. I agree you could have handle it better, but hell we have to act nuts for them to get it! Just rest honey

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