DepressionDiaries: Explaining Death to a Child

I was out with my dad, H and my 8 year old half brother.

I was sitting with my brother waiting for our dad to get some cash out when he asked me what silly things I did when i was little.

I told him about the time I ran into a dressing table which knocked some of my teeth out of place.

I told him about how I used to sleep with my bum in the air ( don’t ask, I must have found it a comfortable poition to sleep in)

I then told him about how I used to chase the cat everywhere (when i was really young we had a cat unfortunately he passed away when I was four years old)

And this proceeded to me having a very awkward conversation where I had to explain the concept of death to an 8 year old.

He said “I didn’t know you had a cat”

I replied “well he’s not around anymore”

He then asked “why? What happened to him?”

I debated how much to tell him because it’s not really my place as his sister to explain death to him. Same with the question “where do babies come from?”

I answered with “he got very ill”

But he wouldn’t settle for that and proceeded to ask “then what happened to him?”

Shit I thought to myself how do I explain this?

I ended up saying “he’s just not around anymore”

It was at this time my dad came over and my brother got distracted by him. I had never been more pleased to see my dad.It makes me dread the day when my nan will pass and my mum and I will have to try to get my autistic sister to understand why she can’t see nana anymore.


Song of the day:  Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez


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