150 followers!!! :D

Well actually we’re at 151 followers now but we did it. In a month and a half we went from 100 to 150 followers. Thank you so much for following my story especially in such a difficult time.Blogging has given my mental illnesses a purpose but without any of you liking, following, commenting on my work it would have meant nothing to me. There have been times when I thought about giving up my blog but then a new like or comment would turn up in my notifications and spur me on.

I have come in contact with so many of you amazing people and I hope I inspire you as much as you inspire me to have the courage to write about mental illness because it is no easy task.

My confidence has grown so much since I decided to blog about my depression back in March. I now am able to talk about mental illness in face to face conversation.

I feel that blogging has been helping my recovery and knowing that so many people are interested in my life and mental illness story is a great help.

So, In summary;

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for motivating me.

Thank you for being you.




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