DepressionDiaries: Quest to gain weight part 4&5

A couple of weeks ago:

K and I discussed portion sizes, she showed me an eat well plate and told me how much of each type of food I should be eating in a day. She gave me a beaker to help measure out  portion sizes. I honestly don’t remember much from this appointment as it was a few weeks ago and so much has happened since then.


I told K that I didn’t meet my portion size goal because I ended up on a psychiatric ward (plus I couldn’t remember what the goal was) but I did tell her that on the ward I got three healthy meals a day at consistent times and I almost always ate the whole plate which she was pleased with.

I asked if she knew of any local boxing classes that I could attend (as a way of venting frustration and staying fit) she recommended me a place that did combat classes and gave me a pass that would allow me to try six classes once a week for free. She arranged a follow up appointment with me for six weeks time to check my progress after these classes.

We checked my weight again and I’ve gained another 3 pounds since my last weight check which was about a month ago I think (honestly I’ve lost track of time) but it means that I am well within the normal BMI which is awesome.

I would like to end this series (quest to gain weight) with a message. I decided to go on this quest for myself no one told me that I was “too skinny” I just wanted to be a bit bigger (honestly I really want some muscles that’s why I want to do combat) so what I’m saying is, if you’re going to make a change make sure it’s for yourself and no one else because that is the best kind of change, no one has the right to tell you that you are “too skinny” “too fat” “too loud” “too quiet” or anything like that because they don’t know you as well as you do therefore they have no right to tell you how to live your life.

As long as you are content with who you are and how you look then that’s the best for you; no one can tell you what will make you happy, that’s something you figure out for yourself and I am pleased with myself for gaining this weight (6 pounds in total) because I did it for myself it’s a change that I wanted and I’m happy with that change.


Song of the day: (One Of Those) Crazy Girls by Paramore


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