DepressionDiaries: Finally got WIFI

I’ve been on the psychiatric ward as of Monday 9pm. I haven’t been blogging since I had no Wi-Fi. However today I was shown the Wi-Fi password on a poster in the nurse’s office. 

So now i can blog, if I feel like it. I may not blog everyday like I’ve done for a while just since it doesn’t feel appropriate but I may talk about my experience here in a blog post when i get out.

It has definetly not been easy. I’ve just been given some lorazepam to calm me down after yet another suicidal episode. Some of my stuff has been locked away,anything I could use to harm myself.

This place is definetely no holiday resort and sometimes patients feel emotionally neglected by professionals but among all the patients is a supportive atmosphere, if one of us is having a crisis we all try to help.

Don’t know when my next post will be. Just thought I would let you know that after 6 hours of waiting i finally got a bed. 



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