DepressionDiaries: so I’m at the hospital

Where do I even begin? One minute I was fine but then I turned the light off and lay on my bed and EVERYTHING blew up in my mind. My nan, my sister, my friend. I scratched myself with another key i’d found (i am one sneaky bitch) 

But it wasn’t long before different parts of me started a war inside my head. Suicide, pills overdose, knife cut. I’m going to name the different parts of me.

Void is basically my depression. We have an abusive relationship going on. He was particularly strong tonight.

Minnie my inner child. Absolutely terrified of Void, starting causing me bad anxiety

Guardian it’s all in the name. The part of me that wants to take care of me and tried to protect me from Void. She wasn’t succeeding tonight though.

And it’s because of these three trying to be just as loud as each other that i am in the hospital. Spaced out, can’t quite believe any of this is real.

Void was saying nasty things and giving me ideas on how to die. Minnie was panicking while Guardian was trying to call things down telling me to talk to my mum. Void saying that’s a stupid idea and Minnie questioning him as well as believing him. Eventually I did talk to my mum and she took me to hospital. No idea what’s going to happen now. 


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