DepressionDiaries: My Nan is in hospital

Earlier today my mum came into my room with a cup of tea in her hand. I knew she was going to give me some bad news because of the distraught look on her face and the fact that I hadn’t asked for tea. The last time my mum made me a cup of tea without asking was when I was in shock after being sexually harassed so I knew something was off.

She told me that my Nan had been up all night with severe pain in her gum and had been sick this morning. She had been rushed to hospital, we’re still not certain that it’s cancer but doctors have suggested that it is more than an infection.

Yesterday she seemed okay and the swollen gum appeared to be due to a tooth problem so I was relieved to think that it wasn’t cancer but today we’re back to uncertainty. I won’t be going on holiday next week because if anything happened to my nan while I was away and I wasn’t there to help I would never forgive myself. I know she would tell me to go and enjoy myself but how can I enjoy myself when a family member is at risk?

She will be staying at the hospital for a while so they can run tests and keep an eye on her. I would like to go and visit her there at some point.




6 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: My Nan is in hospital

  1. Rayne says:

    I’m sorry that you have to go through this. My grandmother passed away many years ago from cancer. She stayed with us a while through her illness and my stepsister and I helped look after her. She was my best friend… The only person who’s love I never doubted, and I still miss her all the time. It really sucks to worry so much about someone you love. Sending you a HUGE hug. ❤

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