Let’s talk about awards + My New Idea

I have had the honour of being nominated for two awards this week which feels great but I honestly don’t think I can accept them anymore. There are so many rules to them which kind of takes away the creativity of my blog plus you have to pick and choose people to nominate which can leave other bloggers I follow feeling bad because I didn’t nominate them.

Its a lot of pressure (which I really don’t handle well) to write posts about awards but I love the idea behind them, that blogs can network with and support each other. Which is why I’ve come up with the idea of “blogger of the week” where I post the name and link to a blog I’ve chosen at the end of my post. Like the “song of the day” thing I’ve got going on. So this means I’m getting blogs noticed but it’s done my way. Every Friday I will select a new blog to be “blogger of the week” based on what has caught my interest during the week.

Unfortunately I can’t start up this new idea yet because I’m going on holiday for two weeks starting this sunday and it would be unfair if I nominated a blogger of the week this week because they’ll have the spot for three weeks while the others will have it for one but in the meantime, you can let me know what you think about my blog being award free and this new idea. If you have any blogs you think should be blogger of the week sometime then please link me up to them (I haven’t been exploring the blogging world as much as I probably should so this will help a lot) it doesn’t matter how many followers they have or if they’re new or not and I would prefer if the blog was about mental health/illness since that’s mainly what I deal with but it doesn’t have to.

Thank you for reading, look forward to your thoughts and recommendations.


Song of the day: Everybody’s Fool by Evenescence



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