DepressionDiaries: Scatter Brain

I have a bunch of ideas rattling around inside my brain for new blog posts from over the last few days (there at least 7 posts waiting to be written and published) Thing is I find it really difficult to maintain inspiration so I post during those windows when I am inspired to write something, unfortunately I often end up putting other ideas on hold so I can focus on the one but then my inspiration goes and the other ideas get neglected.

It’s the same with stories, I know I want to write a book and I’ve had a few ideas but thing is, like I said I can’t really maintain my inspiration and enthusiasm for an idea so I tend to start writing the story but then not continue it because I no longer care for it and have moved on to the next idea.

My brain is always a jumble of many ideas and thoughts which are hard to control so I can’t really dedicate my time to writing a full novel or publish all my blog posts. My brain is pretty bad at attention and concentration because of this, some days, I can’t even watch a 10 minute video without getting distracted and going on to something else.

I spend way too much time inside my head and not enough time focusing on the real world. I should really work on that (Seriously I got distracted while writing this blog post at least 5 times)




Song of the day: Happy Hurts by Icon For Hire



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