DepressionDiaries: StopBullying.

The other day while running an errand for work I came across a representative of a charity called Stop Bullying.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any change on me to get a wristband for it but I did promise I would check out their website and I thought I would blog about it. Given that bullying is such an important issue and can affect so many people.

I was bullied myself and one of my fellow bloggers has recently learned that a student from her old high school has committed suicide because of bullying. So this is something both her and I are passionate about. Here’s a link to the post that I’m referring to:

The Stop Bullying charity works to stop bullying before the worst happens. It’s website contains information for parents and teachers on what they can do to stop bullying and what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied. There’s also a community forum where you can discuss issues to do with bullying and have your say. There is a bunch more stuff on their website I will leave a link to it in this post and my Useful Resources page so you can go and check it out;

They mainly deal with cyberbully but can deal with bullying as a whole. So I suggest you check it out if you want to.



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