DepressionDiaries: The Blame Game…

*Warning this post is an angry rant that contains strong language


So, while I’m looking for a job/apprenticeship, I’m still working at the charity shop. Even though my internship has ended I decided to continue doing my 12 hours a week so that I would have something to do.

It had been a good day, in fact I was really enjoying myself at work, talking to customers and my new co-worker, telling her stories about my time at the shop, everything was okay until the last half an hour of my shift. My manager had asked me to cash up with one of my colleagues (not new). Now I have done cashing up before but I’ve been doing it with people who can actually do it so if I get confused (which sometimes I do with maths) they can show me how to do it properly.

This woman however, was making things so complicated. She was not paying attention to me, she kept doing the totals wrong and she was putting the money that I was supposed to be putting in the safe back in the till! so I was getting really confused and so was she. She took the sheet I was writing the float on and added everything up, it came under the amount we needed and she said “so, what have YOU done wrong?” and I was just like, a while ago you said that was the amount we needed now you’re saying its not? WTF are you doing with that calculator to get the totals so messed up? (I said none of this out loud by the way but I kind of wish I had)

I was getting so mad because she was putting all the pressure and blame on to me when we’re supposed to work together. I mean its a team thing so both of us are to blame for fucking up not all me!

Luckily someone who is better at cashing up came in and I’d had enough of this woman’s bullshit by then so I got him to take over, I grabbed my stuff and walked the hell out of there before anyone could tell how upset I was.

I can do cashing up fine with other people but not her because she was not paying attention and she was putting the money for the bank back in the till like it was the float even though I said to her the float needed to be in there and she wondered why I was getting confused with which money was the float and which had to go to the bank.

I hate it when people do this, don’t listen to me and take me seriously  because I’m young and “inexperienced” when clearly I’m more experienced that some people twice my age!

Sorry for the rant I just needed to get this off my chest.

dks hcferfy;



Song of the day: How Do You Love Someone by Ashley Tisdale


14 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: The Blame Game…

  1. Broken.Angel.Dreams says:

    I’m soo sorry you had to go through this hun, it gets difficult so you don’t need your colleague being a bitch and ruining your day after how hard you have worked there. She needs to appreciate you more and stop blaming you for the obvious mistakes she was making. -hugs you- stay strong and good luck with the job hunt xx
    -Broken Angel-

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