DepressionDiaries: Quest to gain weight Pt. 1

This afternoon I had my second appointment at this health clinic that’s supposed to help you live a healthier life. At my last appointment I found out that I was nearly underweight and I already knew that my diet was awful whenever I did eat something because well I don’t always like eating so when I do eat I want to eat foods that I enjoy, unfortunately these are very sugary and fatty foods.

So myself and the lady that works with me will be working on A) getting me to eat healthier and B) getting me to eat the right portion sizes. I’ve had to keep a food diary over the  past week or so since my first appointment where I would log what I had to eat and when.

In today’s appointment we discussed my breakfast which is usually 2 pain au chocolat and a capri sun both of which amount to the maximum sugar intake I need per day and that’s before it even starts. She showed me how sugary foods can increase my energy for a short period of time and then I would come crashing back down again feeling tired and lethargic (which is a definite problem for me)

So basically, my first step towards eating better is to change what I have for breakfast into something healthier such as toast or cereal and some orange Juice instead of Capri sun which will mean that I have a sustainable amount of energy for longer without having a sugar crash.

I heard that having a healthier diet and eating properly is good for mental health. I hope I’ll find it easier to deal with my depression if I start eating better and also hope to gain a healthy weight in the process.


Song of the day:  Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! at the disco



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