DepressionDiaries: Bowling night :D 

Had a really good time this evening. I went bowling with my youth club at first I was very anxious. After being diagnosed with BPD I was questioning EVERYTHING I was doing like “is this me or my disorder?” Considering I’ve had this disorder most of my life the difference between me and the disorder is blurred in my mind or is that part of the disorder?

Anyway after a while I got really into the game, everyone was.

We were cheering eachother on and congratulating eachother on good scores. It felt good to be in that kind of environment where everyone seems to care about eachother with no bitching. My first game wasn’t too great but for the second game I switched to bowling with my left hand and I came second! Seems my left hand is better than my right in some situations.


Song of the day: Reflection from Disney’s Mulan 


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