DepressionDiaries: Too Much (Warning: mention of self harm and suicide)

I was supposed to go on holiday with my dad, H and my half brother today but due to recent events it’s been decided that it’s best not for me to go although I kind of regret not going I think it’s best that I stay home because my mum is the only family memberContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Too Much (Warning: mention of self harm and suicide)”

DepressionDiaries: Crisis Team Intervention

Yesterday, after I arrived home from hospital and fell asleep, I woke up to the sound of the doorbell, at first I thought it was my mum’s friend who usually comes over but then I heard this deep, booming voice that resonated throughout the house and I thought That’s not my mum’s friend my nextContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Crisis Team Intervention”

DepressionDiaries: What happened at the hospital

Okay, first of all, sorry if my previous post didn’t make much sense I was very confused and disorientated at the time. When I wrote it I was waiting for the psychiatrist to call me after I’d been to see a nurse to check my blood pressure, my weight and height. I remember being fearfulContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: What happened at the hospital”

DepressionDiaries: so I’m at the hospital

Where do I even begin? One minute I was fine but then I turned the light off and lay on my bed and EVERYTHING blew up in my mind. My nan, my sister, my friend. I scratched myself with another key i’d found (i am one sneaky bitch)  But it wasn’t long before different partsContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: so I’m at the hospital”

DepressionDiaries: My Nan is in hospital

Earlier today my mum came into my room with a cup of tea in her hand. I knew she was going to give me some bad news because of the distraught look on her face and the fact that I hadn’t asked for tea. The last time my mum made me a cup of teaContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: My Nan is in hospital”

DepressionDiaries: My nan may have cancer…

I honestly don’t how to put this… My nan went to the dentist today and the dental nurses noticed swelling in her mouth there was no pus which means the swelling is likely the result of cancer. I’m really upset right now. I feel like I’m about to cry. It hasn’t been confirmed yet andContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: My nan may have cancer…”

Let’s talk about awards + My New Idea

I have had the honour of being nominated for two awards this week which feels great but I honestly don’t think I can accept them anymore. There are so many rules to them which kind of takes away the creativity of my blog plus you have to pick and choose people to nominate which canContinue reading “Let’s talk about awards + My New Idea”

DepressionDiaries: Never pick on my Sister >:(

Today my mum, sister and I decided to eat at Mcdonald’s. Now I may not have mentioned this before but my sister has autism. The type of autism where she’s 22 but behaves like a two year old. Now her obvious difference has brought me and my family unwanted attention over the years, people staring,Continue reading “DepressionDiaries: Never pick on my Sister >:(“

DepressionDiaries: Mentally ill because I am Insecure or Insecure because I am Mentally ill???

Today I was out with my mum, sister and my mum’s friend. I was supposed to be in work but I was way too tired after two nights of arriving home and falling asleep late. I kind of just wanted to stay at home all day but mum wouldn’t let me in case I tryContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Mentally ill because I am Insecure or Insecure because I am Mentally ill???”

DepressionDiaries: Party Time!

I’ve just come back from youth club. We¬†were having a party since it was the last session at our venue, we’ll soon be moving somewhere else for youth club. There was food and music but no one was really dancing apart from me and a couple other people I managed to convince to dance withContinue reading “DepressionDiaries: Party Time!”

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