The Book Fix: ‘It’s Kind Of A Funny Story’ Review

‘It’s kind of a funny story’ was written by Ned Vizzini and it’s about a fifteen year old boy called Craig who struggles with Anxiety and Depression. On a particular night he has a suicidal episode which gets him checked into hospital and spending time in Adult Psychiatric. It’s here that he meets people who are struggling like him and his life begins to change.

The best thing about this book, in my opinion, is the characters. I liked them all in some way and felt like I could relate to the main character as I struggle with depression myself. Ned Vizzini put depression into words that I could not find to describe it and I’ve actually learned quite a bit about myself while reading this book. It’s even inspired me to start drawing again (you’d have to read it to find out how)

I’m not sure how accurate life in hospital on the psychiatric department comes across in the book because I haven’t been in a psychiatric ward… yet but since the author had been in that sort of place I will take his word for it.

Overall I would say that this book is a realistic portrayal of life with depression and anxiety but it’s put across in a light-hearted fashion so its not too hard on the emotions. I would recommend this book to those who have depression and/or anxiety because, as I see it, it’s quite therapeutic and comforting to read.

Also the book was turned into a movie and from clips I’ve seen of it, it’s quite similar to the book; Here’s the trailer…



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