DepressionDiaries: When One Shop Closes…

Unfortunately the charity shop that I currently work in is closing down. No one knows when but it’s going to be taken over and turned into a restaurant. I’m sort of sad that this is happening because it was my first job and I felt like a part of the shop like I really contributed to it, customers seemed to like me so they wouldn’t mind coming back, My manager was able to take time off because she could trust me with the shop and book sales went up thanks to my ideas.

Even though the job was stressful and really difficult to handle some days, I’m going to miss it. I know my internship ends soon anyway but I wanted to stay on a little longer but looks like this is my queue to start looking for paid work. My manager said it wouldn’t actually close for a long time but you know, the uncertainty of when it’s going to close makes me want to secure a job so I’m not left with nothing to do when the shop does officially close down.

Opening up  the shop the other day while my manager was away gave me a sense of pride like “yeah, I run this, this is my shop for today” it made me think, if I was a manager of my own shop I could get that sort of pride everyday. So when I’m older I want to run my own shop, most likely a bookshop. I would be the manager making sure everything was in order, my own place, my own business. Being an assistant manager at this charity shop makes me want to do it. I feel like I have more ambition now that I know exactly what I want to do for a living and its thanks to the charity shop.

I will miss it but I guess it’s best to move on and progress in my life. I’m going to start my job hunt soon. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

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Song of the day: You’ve Got The Love by Florence + The Machine


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