DepressionDiaries: When you forget your meds…

Last night I had forgotten to take my melatonin tablet which helps me wind down and go to sleep as a result of this forgetfulness, I had a pretty restless night last night which made me very tired for most of the day.

Also, guess what? I forgot to take my fluoxetine this morning, I had to be in work earlier than usual and was already working at the time I usually take my meds and I hadn’t even brought the pills to work with me so when I finally did remember them it was too late.

I had felt like I’d gone back to square one for a period of time today, I was very irritable, low on energy and stressed to the point of wanting to bang my head against a wall. This emotional state seemed to be a result of lack of sleep not my forgetting to take my fluoxetine because as soon as I came home from work I slept for the rest of the afternoon and when I finally woke up I felt much better.

This is my first day forgetting to take my fluoxetine and one day I’ve been told doesn’t make any difference I’ve just got to make sure I remember them tomorrow.





Song of the day:  Control by Halsey


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