DepressionDiaries: I have Depression… What’s your excuse?

I was in work this afternoon and there is someone there who is so lazy I ended up doing what HE was supposed to do and when he is asked to do something by my manager he moans and complains. It really annoys me.

While I’m restocking, organising and dating things (which he could have helped with) he’s sitting behind the till doing nothing but moan about how boring his  job is. Well if you spent some time, clearing the shop floor or dating the items that you were supposed to but I ended up doing while you went on your hour long lunch break, if you did those things while waiting for customers you would not be bored, you moron!

It annoys me how someone who is clearly able to function normally doesn’t use their abilities to do anything. While I’m working twice as much as he is even though I have depression. I have to take 3 tablets a day (2 fluoxetine to help me function during the day and Melatonin to help me sleep so I don’t stay up all night thinking) I am very ill but I still go into work and do as much as I can. It’s as if people like him expect to get spoon-fed all their lives.

There is a stigma that says people with depression are lazy but that could not be further from the truth. If anything people with depression or any other mental illness for that matter work ten times as hard as the average person because life gets harder with a mental illness such as Depression, Anxiety disorder, Schizophrenia e.t.c. but we push on because we want to function like an average person, we want to work and live a healthy life like an average person. So average people  STOP. YOUR. BITCHING.




F*CK you by Lily Allen


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