DepressionDiaries: 5 things Depression has taught me

It may seem strange to say it but having depression has actually taught me some useful things about myself, others and life in general. Here are the 5 things I’ve learned from having depression;

  1.  It’s okay to put yourself first, in fact, sometimes you need to do that.
  2. Healthy relationships are based on mutual benefit. If a relationship is too one-sided it can be stressful and draining.
  3. I need to be more assertive and start putting my foot down when it comes to people wanting me to do things for them if I don’t want to.
  4. It’s okay to ask for help, I used to be very quiet and do everything for myself and never asked for help even when I needed it but sometimes my depression gets me so down that I can’t do anything for myself and have no choice but to get help. It’s surprised me how supportive and willing people are to help me.
  5. Sometimes I push myself too much and need to know my limits.



Song of the day:  Try by P!NK



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